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Cooldome™ Camera Enclosures

Protecting Security and Monitoring Cameras From Heat and Extreme Weather

At Dotworkz, we know that protecting surveillance cameras from heat is critical so that they function and perform properly at all times. That’s why we engineered the COOLDOME™, a smart camera housing solution that regulates internal temperatures to an acceptable internal heat load at all times.

All computer based Broadcast, HD, 4K and CCTV cameras are made up of sensitive components that require protection from external temperature variables such as direct sunlight, excessive high temps/low temps, and other factors that can cause a camera to thermally shutdown, induce electronic noise in the lens, or damage internal circuitry.

The COOLDOME™ turns on and off automatically, as needed, to reduce internal without exchanging air to fluid.

What is heat load?

Heat load is the amount of heat energy required in a space to maintain an acceptable temperature range. Our self-regulated camera housing systems will keep sensitive cameras and edge recorders in a safe internal environment of up to 45°F cooler than external conditions.

Lower temperatures reduce wear on moving parts and minimize the effects of heat on all components mounted inside the camera housing. Because of this, the COOLDOME™ camera enclosure saves money by increasing the overall reliability of the surveillance system and reducing unexpected service visits.

Other Protective Features

In addition to protecting cameras and hardware from overheating, the COOLDOME™ defends against moisture, dust and impact. All COOLDOME™ housings are UL Certified to IP66, constructed from a reflective blend of polycarbonate thermal plastic, light weight, non-corrosive, flame resistant and are a “vandal tough” solution with a lockable cover.

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Cooldome™ Camera Enclosures