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    External Mounted Lens Kit for D2 and D3 (KT-CLNS-EXT)
    This externally mounted ens kit for D2 and D3 Dotworkz camera housings was designed for all look up cameras. This camera lens kit was specifically designed for the Axis v59 series broadcast cameras, Axis Q61 series look up cameras, and dahua look up cameras. This External Mounted Lens Kit is a 7” lens mounted to the outside of any D Series camera housing adds over 1/2“ of look up range for broadcasting and streaming applications. Compatible with new Axis broadcasting cameras.
    Axis Q61 Series Integration Kit for D2/D3 Camera Enclosures (BR-Q61)
    BR-Q61 integration kit. Seamlessly integrates the Axis Q61 Series cameras (Q6128-E, Q6135-LE, Q6154-EQ, 6155-E) with Dotworkz D2 and D3 housings. Maintains ingress protection against water, dust, and insects. Best of all, it’s easy to install. Works with all D2 or D3 Camera Housings!
    Xero 2.0 a Network Video Recorder (NVR) by Dotworkz
    The Xero 2.0 is a Network Video Recorder (NVR) by Dotworkz that’s engineered as an ultra-powerful, ultra-small form factor, localized, “software ready” (VMS) video storage and camera management system – the XERO 2.0 designed exclusively for video applications where flexibility, ruggedized, and ultra-reliability is required for long term operations.
    Dotworkz Ballistic Shield Kit for all D2 Camera Enclosures (KT-Shield)

    Dotworkz KT-Shield Ballistic Armor Shield is the most durable protection solution to date. Engineered with dual energy absorption system of heavy gauge stainless steel and virtually indestructible thermoplastic, the Mark IV protects against small arms fire such as 9mm, 45 caliber ranges, and all forms of vandalism. The IK10 rated Dura View lens and Vandal Resistant Closure Screws are standard in the KT-Shield Ballistic Armor, and provide the highest rate of protection possible for sensitive cameras and electronic equipment.

    Axis Q60-E Series Integration Kit for D2/D3 Camera Enclosures (BR-Q60-E)

    BR-Q60-E is the Axis Q60 Integration Pro Kit from Dotworkz, for D2 & D3 Housing enables indoor and outdoor versions of Axis Q60 & Q60-E series cameras to be installed into D-Series Housings. Ideal for full integration of many accessories in a single camera housing, such as PoE Injectors or Switches, Mesh or Cellular Radio’s, combined with NVR’s, Network switches, and fiber converters all inside the same housing.

    Dotworkz 12V Outdoor Power Pack and Pole Mount Kit for COOLDOME™ D2 or S-Type Camera Enclosures (KT-CDR-2)

    Dotworkz 12V Outdoor Power Pack and Pole Mount Kit for COOLDOME™ D2 or S-Type Camera Enclosures (KT-CDR-2). Provides a clean integration of COOLDOME™ external power supplies to D2 Cooldome, D3 Single Cooler Cooldome, or S-Type Cooldome Camera Enclosures.

    Dotworkz KT-XERO NVR Integration Kit for D2/D3
    The Dotworkz Xero Kit to integrate our Xero and Xer 2.0 NVR modules into our D Series enclosure systems.
    Dotworkz D2 or D3 Raised Rear Accessory Bracket for Antennas and Strobe Lights (BR-ACC2)
    Dotworkz D2/D3 External Component Rear Bracket. Bracket attaches to rear mounting pattern of the D2/D3 enclosures. Used for external components such as the Strobe Light.
    Angle Correction Plate Add-on for Pole Mount Bracket (BR-MPM1-AC)
    This Adapter is used to correct or change angles of the enclosure when mounted to a pole in conjunction with the Dotworkz EZ Lock BR-MPM1
    EZ Lock Pole Mount Bracket (BR-MPM1)
    Dotworkz EZ Lock Pole Mount Adapter is a feature rich mounting adapter. Easily secures to poles with a minimum of ¾” diameter. An Angle Correction Plate can be added to correct the angle of the enclosure up to 10 degrees for non plum poles, it also has Component Attachment antenna mounts for adding additional Omni or yogi antennas.
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