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Ring of Fire Camera Enclosures

Protecting Security and Monitoring Cameras From Cold and Extreme Weather

At Dotworkz, we know that protecting surveillance cameras from heat is critical so that they function and perform properly at all times. That’s why we engineered the Ring of Fire, a smart camera housing solution that regulates internal temperatures to an acceptable internal heat load at all times.

The Dotworkz Ring of Fire Camera Enclosures are compatible with all PTZ, dome, mini dome, 360°, 180°, multi sensor camera brands, long range video applications, thermal, static, fixed, other brick style cameras, mini-dome, megapixel, micro PTZ, HD, broadcast quality, and other specialty cameras. The Dotworkz Ring of Fire Camera Enclosures fit a security camera, NVR, router, and environment specific hardware inside the durable, impact resistant, and weatherproof protective thermoplastic polycarbonate housing. Dotworkz Ring of Fire Camera Enclosures offer extreme cold protection as low as -60° F (-51° C) with 65 watts of active heating and lens de-icing power for clear vision and long term use in cold climates.

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