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Alaskan Polar Bear
Last Updated: 01/06/2012 and Camzone chose Dotworkz US to make protective camera housings for their latest live camera viewing and recording deployments–tracking and studying polar bears as they migrate along the coast of Churchill, Manitoba.

Challenge: To rig vehicles with live Sony PTZ network cameras and rugged on-board Milestone VMS based NVRs to track and document the polar bears of Churchill, Manitoba. The bears gather along the shores of Hudson Bay awaiting ice formation which allows them to return to their winter hunting grounds. The project requires cameras to function in temperatures that could easily plummet to -58°F (-50°C) and glacial winds over 95mph.

Solution: Dotworkz D2 and D3 Ring of Fire De-Icing Camera Enclosures removes snow and ice that would normally obstruct the camera’s view, and was the obvious choice for this project. The D-Series Ring of Fire’s thermostatically controlled interior heating system protects sensitive cameras from being damaged in freezing temperatures, including the below-zero tundra. The Dotworkz XERO Edge Recording Module safely records all data inside the marine-grade "Polar Bear Proof" D-Series housings.

Result: The Dotworkz D2 and D3 Ring of Fire housing deployed on’s “Tundra Buggy” keeps cameras protected from ice and snow while the vehicle roves the Arctic Plains searching for polar bears and other native species. The D-Series 65 Watt heating system makes the 360° live viewing of polar bears along the Hudson Bay functional and reliable.

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